sample scripts for generating a oracle schema and the corresponding schema in postgresql

September 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

this is work in progress, but shall show the similarities and differences between postgresql and oracle in regards to implementing schemas and code. I will try to add more and more things in the future and update this post and the samples accordingly. documentation in the scripts is not very well at the moment but it should be enough to start.

for now the samples include:

  • tables: standard columns and arrays
  • constraints: primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints
  • triggers
  • sequences
  • indexes
  • views
  • loading blobs / clobs
  • plsql packages -> pgsql
  • materialzed views
  • partitioning
  • anonymous plsql / pgplsql blocks
    • as wordpress does not allow to upload sql files I will provide each sample as a pdf:

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