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something to smile about …

enterprise manager 12c download

just a short notice, that the postgresql people released a security update for the current version ( 9.1 ) and some of the older versions. see the announcement for more information.

while reading more about postgresql I came across a discussion which is valid for oracle, too: it’s about implementing hints in the postgresql optimizer. actually it is more about why the postgresql people do not want to provide a feature like this.

for developing and testing purposes there might be situations where hints are useful. but hints do not solve the issue, hints are always a workaround. I like the way the postgresql people think about this: fix the problem ( either in the application or the postgresql source code ).

check out the pros, cons and discussions:
postgresql optimizer hint discussion
Hinting at PostgreSQL

this is the summary of the postgresql introduction posts available so far:

1. installation and basics
2. database creation
3. maintenance tasks
4. backup and restore
5. high availability
6. monitoring and troubleshooting basics
7. a rather more productive configuration
8. privileges and connections

… more to come soon

here is the summary for the os essentials posts:


  1. linux and its processes
  2. double linked lists
  3. sema… what ? interprocess communication (1)
  4. shared memory – interprocess communication (2)
  5. SIGSEGV and the ORA-07445
  6. kill is not really about killing
  7. memory management
  8. slabs are not only for kitchens
  9. hey, I don’t care if you are ext3 … just follow the model

will update the toc once there is more to say …