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I always wonder that people don’t care about what the companies behind the popular search engines do with their data. but, at least for searching the web, there is an alternative which protects your privacy:

if you want to read a little summary, check this: aboutstartpage

and if you want to read even more, check this: First European Privacy Seal Awarded

plugins for most of the popular browser are available here.

there is a white paper which you definitely should read before you think about running an oracle database on zfs:

Configuring ZFS for an Oracle Database

fixing things afterwards might be tricky …

surprisingly less and less people seem to know this: the first six digits of a mac address identify the hardware vendor.

so, if you want to identify the vendor for a specific mac address just head over to IEEE and perform a search using the first six digits of the mac address.

or download the complete vendor list: oui download

while randomly browsing the oracle documentation I came across this sentence: “By definition, a schema name need not be just a simple SQL name. For example, “FIRST LAST” is a valid schema name.”

if this is true creating a database user consisting of two words must be possible:

create user "two words" identified by "blubb";

works …