CRS-2534: Resource type ‘ora.cluster_vip_net2.type’ is not registered

November 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

if you want to manage vips in the grid infrastructure which are not on the default network and you get this: “CRS-2534: Resource type ‘ora.cluster_vip_net2.type’ is not registered” don’t panic, it is easy to fix. basically you need create the “ora.cluster_vip_net2.type”-type before adding the vip with appvipcfg:

./srvctl add network -k 2 -S x.x.x.0/
./crsctl start resource
./crsctl add type ora.cluster_vip_net2.type -basetype ora.cluster_vip.type
./appvipcfg create -network=2 -ip=x.x.x.x -vipname=myvip1 -user=root
./crsctl start resource vip1 -n server1
./appvipcfg create -network=2 -ip=x.x.x.x -vipname=myvip2 -user=root
./crsctl start resource vip2 -n server2
./crsctl stat res –t
./crsctl modify res 'myvip1' -attr "HOSTING_MEMBERS=server1 server2"
./crsctl modify res 'myvip2' -attr "HOSTING_MEMBERS=server1 server2"

not sure, but I think this is a bug as appvipcfg should manage this.

the above is valid for on Solaris SPARC 64bit

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