jumping around with ssh

December 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

jumping from one host to another because it is not possible to reach the destination host directly can be annoying and time consuming. if you use ssh to connect to your hosts ( and you probably should ) there is an easy way to simplify this.

let’s say you want to jump to host1, from host1 to host2 and from host2 to host3.

here’s the trick ( thanks to a colleague of mine ):

ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST1] ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST2] ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST3]

define an alias for this:

alias my_jump='ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST1] ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST2] ssh -t -l [USER_ID] -A [HOST3]'

… and it’s easy going:


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