database software installation

March 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

To summarize the situation until now: The operating system is installed and configured. On top of it I installed the grid infrastructure software, configured it for single node usage, patched it to the latest release and created the ASM instance including to disk-groups. Several reboot tests proved that the whole stack survives a server reboot and we do not need to create any custom scripts to manage the shutdown and startup of the resources managed by the cluster stack.

Now we are doing the database software installation ( in much se same way we installed the grid infrastructure software ). You will notice once again: If all the prerequisites have been met, the software installation is no magic at all.

If you did not transer the source files ( and to your Virtual Machine, now is the time to do so ( see here for a description on how to do it ).

As the database software will be installed under the “oracle” user, establish a ssh connection to your Virtual Machine and do the installation ( I will do a software only installation here, nothing will be configured for the moment ):

su - oracle
cd /opt/oracle/stage
cd database
./runInstaller \
oracle.install.option=INSTALL_DB_SWONLY \
ORACLE_BASE=/opt/oracle/product/base \
ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/base/ \
UNIX_GROUP_NAME=oinstall \
oracle.install.db.DBA_GROUP=dba \
oracle.install.db.OPER_GROUP=oper \
FROM_LOCATION=../stage/products.xml \
INVENTORY_LOCATION=/opt/oracle/oraInventory \
oracle.install.db.InstallEdition=EE \
-ignoreSysPrereqs \
-ignorePrereq \
-waitforcompletion \
su -

Again, that’s all what needs to be done.

Let’s set up some environment variables and aliases…

su - oracle
echo "ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/base/
PS1='\[33[1;34m\]${ORACLE_SID}\[33[1;33m\]@\[33[1;32m\]`uname -n`\[33[0m\] $LOGNAME:$PWD $ '
alias sqlp='sqlplus '\''/ as sysdba'\'''
" >> ~/.bash_profile

A final little test, to prove that sqlplus is working:

su - oracle

… you should see something like this: oracle:/home/oracle $ sqlp
SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Mar 26 14:42:12 2012
Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Connected to an idle instance.
SQL> exit;
Disconnected oracle:/home/oracle $

Congratulations, now you are prepared to set up the oracle database instance.

Again, remember to take a snapshot of your Virtual Machine if you want to save your work or if you want to revert to this point. Delete the source files if you do not want to become your Virtual Machine too big before:

su - oracle
cd /opt/oracle/stage/
rm -rf database

On your workstation create the snapshot:

vboxmanage snapshot oracleplayground take "after database software installation"

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