asm workshop

May 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

if you think about switching your databases to asm, want to boot your people or just want to do a workshop which offers a lot of practice and less slides feel free to contact me.

what you’ll get:

your own virtual box image, containing:

  • pre-installed oracle linux
  • software only installation of the grid infrastructure
  • all scripts and solutions for the topics discussed
  • reset scripts for each topic, so you may re-do each topic as much as you want

.. and the full set of slides, of course ( although the workshop is much more about practice you need to know the theoretical fundamentals )

some of the topics are:

  • storage preparation for asm
  • asmlib, use it or not ?
  • configuration of the cluster stack and asm
  • troubleshooting techniques
  • best practices
  • command line tools
  • patching

it’s up to you if you’d like to do the workshop in-house or at a location organized by my company. you may even reuse the slides and virtual image for your own internal workshops, if you want.

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