acfs-9459: advm/acfs is not supported on this os version

September 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

because various people come to this blog when they search for “acfs-9459: advm/acfs is not supported on this os version” I want to give some information on how you may tweak this ( if you really want to test ACFS/ADVM on an OS that is _not_ supported and there really is no need for this as oracle linux is free for testing ).

but before you really do this, keep in mind:

  • this is just for educational purposes
  • this is in no way supported by oracle
  • don’t do this on a production system
  • there is no guarantee that this works for you os

before executing the “” or “” scripts check the following file in your GI_HOME:


scroll down to where the various checks are performed. the lines should look similar to this:

# Testing for "oraclelinux_release", etc prevents us from dropping
# into the code below from other RH based distros like CentOS, for example.
  if ((defined($release)) &&                     # Redhat or OEL if defined
      (($release =~ /^redhat-release/) ||        # straight RH
       ($release =~ /^enterprise-release/) ||    # Oracle Enterprise Linux
       ($release =~ /^oraclelinux-release/)))    # Oracle Linux
    my ($major, $minor, $patch, $vendor, $variation) = split /\./, $kver;
    my ($micro_number, $patch_level) = split /-/, $patch;    # e.g., 100 and 32
    if ($release =~ /AXS/)                 # Asianux Not supported
      $vers = "ASIANUX";
      $supported = 0;

here you can tweak the code so that your os reports to be supported and you should be fine …

One response to acfs-9459: advm/acfs is not supported on this os version


    I’ve wrote a text about how to fix this when that error appears during the

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